Hello to everyone the course Season has just Opened and I would like to wish all our members a more successfull catch rate most of the swims have been cleared with just one or two to complete,
I would like to bring to all our members attention that Ted Carters Tackle Shop situated in Church Street Preston,has now Merged with ANGLING DIRECT this company now owns Fosters & Ted Carters I personally had to visit the shop on Saturday 16/06/18 concerning a reel & spare spool I had ordered back in May not having heard anything from Carters I followed it up only to find all orders just prior to the take over had been cancelled??? Having spoken to the Angling Direct staff along side Carters staff I have there assurance that the BLACK 11% DISCOUNT CARDS THAT WE HAVE WILL BE HONOURED and that there will be more choices of tackle at greatly reduced prices as now they own 22 shops and have a very large website.
I have enclosed a link for your perusal https://www.anglingdirect.co.uk/about-ted-carter/

I will be monitoring Carters/Angling Direct closely as they still have to acquire & deliver my reel & spool then I will ask for my discount and we will see how they perform.
PS you might have to affirm your online account with Angling Direct it might be you have to choose another password and register with them now.
Yours Sincerely
Mike Lonsdale.

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