I arranged the first Beat walk in August 2017 for all new & existing club members. The weather was kind to us with plenty of sunshine, as we all met up at The Grapes car park for 10 am.


The first stop was Kippax beat, after parking up, we walked into the first field where, we were confronted by a herd of cows and bullocks, who were curious as to why five strange looking characters were invading their territory. We walked the majority of the river, herd in tow! as I pointed out interesting features and swims. This beat has some good head of game fish, Brown Trout, Sea Trout and sometimes the elusive Salmon. Be aware of the Golf course opposite!

Next, we moved onto Bracken beat, making sure we parked sensibly away from the entrance. We followed the river until reaching the outfall, where some of us ventured down the bank for a closer look at the potential swims. This stretch of wild fishing has some promising pools for Trout, Chub, Pike and Perch. The beat provides good fishing for the game and coarse angler, offering fast flowing water and deep pools.

Taking advantage of the good weather, we travelled over to the clubs newly acquired Hudson’s beat, which is tidal. We parked up in the first layby. The tide had just gone out and the river was at a good height. we climbed the bank and walked passed the first two swims near the tree, some great spots for trotting a float downstream. I pointed out features of the river as we talked tactics. The stretch holds some good head of Pike fifteen pounds plus and decent sized chub. Members have caught these whilst Pike fly fishing and spinning. I have witnessed plenty of give-away bubbles indicating the potential for Bream, Carp? Only time will tell as more members fish it. The more fish reports I receive the more I can report in my blog. The final part of the beat walk leads us back to where we started, St Michaels beat which holds my favourite fly fishing venue, The Sandbank!

We headed down the foot path and through the wooden gate next to the Iron foot bridge upstream, pausing at the sand bank while I reminisced about earlier fishing trips. The sand bank offers excellent fly and coarse fishing, with species of Chub up to 6lb, brown trout, Pike, eel, flat fish, sea trout & Salmon. Although this part of the river Wyre is not tidal, backflow from the tide causes the river to rise, which can be fairly high with spring & neap tides. The sand bank this season was habitat to wild Mink, which were not the friendliest of creatures, we suspect they may have had young close by.

The walk continued upstream to Hornby’s beat which holds some good wild game & coarse fishing, Carp, Trout, Chub, Dace, Flounder can all be found on this stretch.

Finally, we reached Fiddleneck beat, which has some interesting swims to explore, the steep banks should be approached with caution! River Brock enters the River Wyre on this beat and is home to a variety of species Pike, Roach, Bream, Perch, Chub, Carp can all be found along this stretch of club water. I will be looking to arrange future beat walks in the Spring.

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