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This is an easy fly to tie and represents most common insects, it differs from the English version by having a thorax with a grey feather slip over its head representing a wing case. Tie it on 14s & 16s and on a longer hook size say a 12s it represents those longer bodied damsels/& stoneflies it really is a good general nymph you can even tie it with a bead at the front to get down quick to the […]

fish reports pls

please supply fish reports to stmichaelsaa@hotmail.com or ring / text club mobile would be great help for restocking programe  thanks


Hello to everyone the course Season has just Opened and I would like to wish all our members a more successfull catch rate most of the swims have been cleared with just one or two to complete, I would like to bring to all our members attention that Ted Carters Tackle Shop situated in Church Street Preston,has now Merged with ANGLING DIRECT this company now owns Fosters & Ted Carters I personally had to visit the shop on Saturday 16/06/18 […]

notice board up and coming events

BAILIFF WALKS WILL BE DOING BEAT WALKS CONTACT CLUB MOBILE OR CONTACT CLUB FOR DETAILS CASTING CLINIC   tba FLY TYING CLINIC TBA WORK PARTY  tba AGM  tba Message from your chairman At last the season is open. Alas the Balsam and weeds are thriving. I have spent many hours cutting back swims, but I can not do it all. Our committee have all helped,but its a daunting task. A work party is organised, but I know that not all of you are […]

bull warning kippax

Bailiff   Notice We have been informed that Kippax will be hosting a second much larger bull in the fields this year. Committee members can confirm there are already bullocks in the fields. St Michaels Angling Association advises that when organising a fishing trip to Kippax during the time Bulls are present , members should look to go in pairs If in any doubt then please do not enter alone. Typically, like many things, prevention is better than reaction. So always […]

spinner and lure fishing

Spinning A technique where a spinning lure is used to entice the fish to bite.   Spinners Lure Fishing A fishing lure is a type of artificial fishing bait which is designed to attract a fish’s attention. The lure uses movement, vibration, flash and colour to bait fish. Spinning rods will be designed to go with specific reels. So, I would recommend that you go into your local fishing store to ensure you get the rod that you need or […]

river wyre levels

www.riverlevels.uk/wyre-upper-rawcliffe-with-tarnacre-st-michaels pls copy/paste   into  your search  bar  

bailliff walk about

  I arranged the first Beat walk in August 2017 for all new & existing club members. The weather was kind to us with plenty of sunshine, as we all met up at The Grapes car park for 10 am.   The first stop was Kippax beat, after parking up, we walked into the first field where, we were confronted by a herd of cows and bullocks, who were curious as to why five strange looking characters were invading their […]

Barries fly fishing for pike

Pike fly fishing Welcome hope this helps First of all The rod 9ft or longer pref #9wt line With the banks on the river I prefer a 13ft rod 10wt line THE REEL try to match with rod but don’t go smaller Landing net if you don’t know how to handle pike Use a decent heavy duty landing net I use gardener pole find it stronger than the rest use a glove when gilling pike as have big teeth and […]

Mike Lonsdales Casting Clinic

Saturday May 6th. 10.30 a.m. saw a group of members gathered at the Grapes Hotel car park for a casting lesson from Mike, but his enthusiasm dictated that by the time I had struggled out of my car class had commenced down on the